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Vintage Watch Repair and Restoration

Padron Watch Company was founded upon a simple idea: Every family has a treasured heirloom vintage watch resting in a drawer that deserves to see the light of day. Indeed, it began when Leo Padron took his grandfather's watch to a local jeweler for repair, only to be told the watch wasn't valuable enough to be worth it. He went on to fix it himself, and from there began a passion with rescuing watches that otherwise escape the attention of boutique collectors. There are millions of these everywhere, all extremely well-made, long in disrepair, but dear to somebody.

The companies and suppliers behind many of the old mechanical brands no longer exist. Many of the highly skilled watchmakers that serviced these have passed on. Finding parts is an amazing creative endeavor, and one of which makes Padron Watch Company what it is: Whereas the few remaining service centers left in the world turn down a project because the part is no longer in supply, Padron Watch Company says "Let's see what we can do." Every found watch becomes an endeavor to make some impossible repair possible.

The Process:

The condition of every watch received is assessed and a determination is made towards repair steps. In many cases, an old watch has dried out lubrication and just needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and oiled. In other cases, a part may be worn. Each part is inspected for wear, and either repaired or replaced. Upon repair, each watch is then electronically timed in 3 positions, and adjusted to the most accurate rate possible. In many cases, a good vintage will average around 15-35 seconds gain or loss per day, with greater accuracies frequently possible.

Cosmetic Restoration

Half of the job is the technicals of the movement itself. But once the heart of a watch starts beating again, the remaining task becomes "how do we make it beautiful?"

Everything that can be restored will be restored, with no replacement considered unless absolutely necessary. Acrylic crystals are aggressively resurfaced using a progressive grit process until they have a flawless finish. Metals are sanded and polished to remove scuffs and dings. If the case has worn plating, the plating is removed and a new layer of nickel is electroplated. Gold and gold plating is delicately polished using a soft compound. Stainless steel bands are resurfaced and polished to restore the appearance to their original condition. If a vintage leather band is not too fargone, it will be oiled and buffed. In many cases, a new band will be considered that matches the original or otherwise brings out the features of the watch. Every attempt is made to gently clean a dial to restore brightness without removing any patina.


All repairs carry a 6 month warranty for mechanical defects. Any subsequent servicing done within 6-12 months will receive a 15% discount off the normal service rate.

Estimation & Contacting

If you send a photograph and a detailed description of your watch and all its issues, a good faith assessment can be made as to what might be done. This is naturally a ballpark analysis and no watch can ever be examined over the internet. To obtain an actual estimate, you need to send the watch. This is achieved by placing it wrapped in bubble wrap in a padded envelope. Padron Watch Company charges a $20 non-refundable estimate fee for this service which includes a thorough examination of the watch, an itemized assessment of the repair and return shipping. Half this fee will be deducted from the total repair bill upon servicing.

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