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Vintage 60's Rado Diastar. Tungsten Case. Sapphire glass. A GEM!

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Rado continues to this day to be an innovator in case materials and striking design in luxury watches. It all began in 1962 with the Rado Diastar, the first watch to use sapphire glass and tungsten steel to create a highly scratch resistant case.

What you see here is an amazing example of a 60's Diastar that has soldiered on to this day with its all-original crystal and case in great condition. This Diastar has an Adolph Schild 1701 movement, which is significant because it places it squarely in the early 1960's and apart from subsequent Rados which would move on to ETA-based designs. The Diastar was a groundbreaking watch, so much so that Rado revived the model in the nineties, calling it "The Original" and only recently stopped production. But unlike "The Original" this is the -actual- original, and the real deal. Very few of these are left on this earth.

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Case Size (mm) Not Specified
Warranty Six Month Limited Warranty
Movement Type Automatic
Beats per Hour 18,000
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