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Padron Chaparral™ Waterproof Leather Band - Red Stitching

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Handmade in the USA, the Padron Chaparral™ is no ordinary leather band: Cured using a patented breathable waterproofing process, the Chaparral™ is extremely resistant to freshwater and saltwater. Water passes through the band yet allows to leather to dry out without warping or odor, making for an extremely comfortable and rugged band. The same durable waterproofing process is used for modern military applications and has in recent years found its way into ultra high-end luxury watches. The Chaparral™ makes the perfect companion to the 150 meter Padron Vuelta.

Dimensions: 22mm wide, 90mm / 120mm length

Additional Information

Case Size (mm) Not Specified
Warranty No
Movement Type none
Beats per Hour 18,000
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